I’ve always loved the phrase tabula rasa. Ever since I discovered the phrase (when trying to name the coffee and tea shop I hoped to open over the summer one year in my younger days), I’ve used it for concept companies and ideas. Not only does the phrase have a clean sound and look to it, but it also carries a beautiful history. Dating back to the philosophy of Aristotle and being used to describe the idea that the mind is a blank slate upon which to build knowledge through experience, tablua rasa speaks of new beginnings, new opportunities, and the ability to take chances and learn.

Just as our minds may be blank slates at birth, everyday is a tabula rasa, a brand new opportunity to right the wrongs of yesterday, reach out towards our goals, and live as if each day were a canvas to be painted. In design and engineering psychology I link tabula rasa with the principle of starting from the ground up, removing conventions and standards to create a truly unique idea which can then be incorporated into the current standards if necessary. Too often designs simply add features to existing ideas, creating products and systems that are bloated and burdensome. By beginning each new project with an open mind, a tabula rasa, we are able to reach beyond the perceived limits and realize our unlimited potential. To break the status quo and innovate, designers must begin with an open mind.

This is the first post of my new portfolio and personal website. The topic could not be fitting enough as the opening of this site marks a new chapter in both my professional and personal life. This website begins as a tabula rasa, an open book that will tell the story of my thoughts, my ideas, my designs, and allow me to share myself with those who are interested.