Hi! I'm Will,

Sr. Interaction Designer at Google in NY.

Before joining Google I designed consumer and enterprise products across cloud computing, healthcare, robotics, and home security, transforming complex systems into elegant, usable, and valuable experiences.

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With over seven years of experience, I've worked across enterprise and consumer technologies and designed for multi-modal surfaces from mobile apps, to complex web apps, and interactive mobile robots.

Portrait of Relay the robot

HRI and consumer IoT

As Savioke's lead UX designer I designed a number of our robot's interactions as well as the systems that helped it delightfully coexist with humans.


Consumer / enterprise health

As a senior designer at Glooko I led the effort to design and then build a new design system across web and mobile and developed a roadmap for and designed an improved dashboard for patient management and care coordination.


Consumer IoT

I joined SimpliSafe to help establish the role of UX during its transition from a relatively small organization to a rapidly growing home security company. I helped launch the security camera and the web and mobile apps to support it.


Enterprise healthcare

With athenahealth I designed a variety of projects including new client onboarding, a site-wide redesign, and athenaCollector - an award-winning practice management product.

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I discovered the field of engineering psychology (aka human factors) while studying at Tufts and fell in love with it immediately. I'm fascinated by human behavior and cognition and love working in a field where I can put our understanding of the mind to positive use, especially in complex problems and environments.

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I love traveling and taking photos along the way. While living in the Bay Area for the past few years  my wife and I spent a number of weekends exploring California state and national parks, I've even used this as motivation for a small project to learn more front-end development that let's you keep track of the parks you've visited. Here are mine! 

´╗┐We're now back on the east coast. At home I love to stay busy with home improvement projects, reading, and learning new things like baking bread and improving my front end knowledge with Treehouse. See some of my side projects at vaughanlabs.com.

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