This past summer the Gordon Institute at Tufts sponsored my internship with 1Minute40Seconds, a startup founded by alum Blade Kotelly and based in Cambridge. Three of the recipients were interviewed to highlight their experiences. For me, working at a startup, applying the skills I've acquired throughout my life, and embedding myself in the entrepreneurial scene in and around Boston was a fantastic, transformative experience. Below is a snippet from the interview.


William Vaughan currently interns for 1Minute40Seconds, a technology company founded by Blade Kotelly, E95. Vaughan applies his industrial psychology coursework to make Kotelly's product as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.
"I've really been able to incorporate all those things I've learned in class about how people think into an actual design," Vaughan said. "The biggest thing I've learned is how to put knowledge into the real word—actually working on a product instead of a project for class. I'm learning how to plan on a project, implement it, consult with my team, and create a presentation that shows where we are and how much farther we have to go."


See the rest of my interview and those of the other students here.